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26 April 2018 , Ministry of Communications Hall

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With the advent of Internet technology in Iran since 1993, we have seen tremendous advances in this field. So many people can not accept that only about 25 years have passed since the Internet came to Iran.

This young technology in Iran, with the help of young young people in Iran, has progressed step by step and over time, numerous websites and Internet businesses in Iran have begun.

Initially, the Internet was used only for email checking, but after two years, the first Persian website was launched, and then the first Iranian newspaper entered the Internet.

Subsequently, with the advent of weblogs on the Web, a new chapter in the Internet has been opened in the country, with the word "Persian Web" being created.Now, according to the latest statistics in 2017, there are about 3,880 million Internet users in the world, which means that almost 1 out of every 2 people on the planet have access to the Internet. This figure is 56 million in our country.

In fact, it can be said that 70% of the Iranian nation has access to the Internet, which indicates the importance of the activities of webmasters in Iran, as well as the importance of the Persian web environment.

With all these interpretations, most of the contributions to the development of Persian web site are executives of websites and Internet businesses; managers who look more than looking at the economic aspect to other aspects and continue to work with all the problems.

We are very glad to inform you that the Persian web developers' forum is annually welcomed by organizations, public institutions and the private sector with the aim of bringing these two powers of power closer.

The Persian Web Summit is being held with the support of the Civic Developer Center, with the support of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (ICT) and the Police of Production Space and Information Exchange.

The third Farsi web developer forum will be held February 2, with the invitation and attendance at the same time of two public and private sectors, and we expect the two distant climates to be closer to each other, as well as the background for the next steps by the "Civic Developer Center" "And other friends of the same kind.

We hope that you will help us cyber activists and web developers who are the largest and most important people in this community, and help us reach this important goal by attending this meeting.

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Ministry of Communications , Shariati St , Tehran , Iran

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